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Company Profile

Core business
Mectra is synonymous with technology applied to industrial packaging; it mainly specializes in the production of palletising, depalletising and handling plants in general, fields in which Mectra has achieved a well-established and firm position.
Mectra has consolidated its presence in the canmaking,  food & beverages field, firmly settling even in the chemical and pharmaceutical context.

A successful experience
Established in 1986, in a short time with an exponential growth, the company made a name on the market, directly competing with the main leading companies in the packaging sector.
A well-defined strategic position and a really innovative vision shared by the top management, led Mectra to success. Mectra has organised its offer and business areas perfectly in line with market trends and it thus succeeded in achieving excellent results, becoming a key supplier for many companies in several different production fields.
Mectra has developed organisation and collaboration synergies, guiding the various resources (mechanical, electronic, software programming) needed to produce automation plants, towards growth and development goals.

Markets and customers
At present, a 80% of the sales are addressed to the foreign market, involving, thanks to a wide sales strategy, not just the traditional European markets, but even the United States , Latin America , The Arabian Countries and the new emerging Asian countries. The remaining 20% refers to the domestic market.
Mectra' s pictures shows an Italian company which has achieved a worldwide success, working in the global markets.

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Mectra s.p.a. Via Galvani, 9 - 42027 Montecchio Emilia (RE) Italy
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